The Tooth Fairy may cost more than you remember, but Tooth Bear-y ships FREE!

Our Story

Photo of Liz Carroll and her 2 children.
If Santa can get help from an Elf on the Shelf, why can’t the Tooth Fairy get a little help, too?

The Tooth Fairy really is the most special of the magical childhood figures, because unlike Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, who visit all children on the same night, the Tooth Fairy visits your child on their night.

Instead of scouring the internet for the newest and most creative Tooth Fairy ideas every time your child loses a tooth, you can welcome Tooth Bear-y into your home once, and make it part of your family’s traditions forever.  And, of course, if your child is a light sleeper or insists on trying to stay awake, you won’t have to worry about tip-toeing around or waiting until the wee hours to complete your Tooth Fairy duties.

Because Tooth Bear-y has no teeth of its own, your child will practice the act of sharing, and Tooth Bear-y will hold their teeth safely in its heart.  This unique teddy bear is a true keepsake, and will hold those special memories long after your littles have gotten big—and we know how quickly that happens.  One day, your child can even choose to pass it down to their own.

Tooth Bear-y isn’t just the Tooth Fairy’s sidekick!  If your child is afraid of visiting the dentist, bring Tooth Bear-y along as a comforting companion to help stress the importance of taking care of their teeth.  And since healthy oral hygiene is crucial before teeth even begin to wiggle, Tooth Bear-y can always arrive early to grow with your child.

While Tooth Bear-y comes with suggested use and a kit to get started, we encourage you and your family to have fun!  The wonder and magic of childhood seems to go by so quickly, but like the teeth in Tooth Bear-y’s heart, the memories you make together will last a lifetime.

Meet Liz, Creator of Tooth Bear-y

Hi there!  My name is Elizabeth; my friends call me Liz.  I’m married to my amazing, supportive husband Bob, and am the mother to two wonderful boys, Wyatt and Noble.  My boys didn’t like the idea of a strange fairy entering their room at night to take their teeth, so to ease their fears and put fun back into this nostalgic tradition, Tooth Bear-y was created.  Of course, as a busy mom, I also couldn’t help but feel relieved when I knew I wouldn’t have to sneak in anymore!

We had so much fun concepting this idea as a family, and are so happy to bring you this modern twist on the classic Tooth Fairy. I hope you love Tooth Bear-y as much as we do!