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About Us

Photo of Liz Carroll and her 2 children.

My name is Elizabeth, my friends call me Liz, and I am the creator of Tooth Bear-y! I am married to an amazing and supportive husband, Bob, and a mother of two wonderful boys, Wyatt and Noble. As a Mom, my children's fears of a strange Tooth Fairy coming during the night to find and take their tooth and startling them in the process, prompted me to change this frightening experience into a new and fun approach to dealing with the loss of their primary teeth. To ease their fears, and put the fun back into the tradition, I created this cuddly keepsake - “Tooth Bear-y!”. The child can place this cute little friend anywhere in the home where they desire to receive gifts from the Tooth Fairy. This new approach eliminates the need for the Tooth Fairy to enter their bedroom and possibly awaken them, yet still deliver gifts for the lost tooth.

My concept for this novel toy was to show that “Tooth-Bear-y” has no teeth of its own, so the child shares a lost tooth by placing it into the bear’s mouth. The tooth passes directly into the bear's heart, where it remains visible, and can be stored along with other lost teeth forever. Tooth Bear-y has a customizable cape with a pocket to accept money or a small gift. The kit comes with a custom toothbrush and story book to promote the importance of good dental hygiene. It also includes stickers so that children can let their friends know that they shared and cared, and a doorknob hanger to let Tooth Bear-y communicate the child’s request directly to the Tooth Fairy. Your child’s very own Tooth Bear-y will promote SHARING, CARING, and HEALTHY DENTAL CARE, while relieving the stress for both the child and the Tooth Fairy.