The Tooth Fairy may cost more than you remember, but Tooth Bear-y ships FREE!

Tooth Bear-y Kit in Brown. Includes a Storybook, Sustainable Toothbrush, Caring and Sharing Stickers, a door hanger and the Brown Tooth Bear-y
Tooth Bear-y
Customizable Tooth Bear-y Cape
Gift Box
High-Quality, Sustainable, Toothbrush
Tooth Bear-y Storybook
 I Cared and Shared Stickers
Door Knob Hanger

Tooth Bear-y Kit (Brown)

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Your Tooth Bear-y comes with:

  • An ultra-plush teddy bear with a heart (connected to its mouth) that safely stores teeth
  • A storybook: Perfect for the Tooth Fairy’s first visit!  Read the book together to get ready for the Tooth Fairy’s arrival, and learn about the importance of oral hygiene.
  • A customizable cape: You—or your child—can write their name on Tooth Bear-y’s cape, which also has a pocket if the Tooth Fairy wants to leave a gift.
  • A bamboo toothbrush: Start creating healthy habits and making tooth brushing time fun!
  • “I cared and shared” stickers: Build a strong foundation of compassion and generosity by letting your littles share their teeth with Tooth Bear-y!
  • A door hanger: The Tooth Fairy needs to know where to go!  The hanger lets her know that Tooth Bear-y is ready and waiting.
  • Peace of mind: The Tooth Fairy has a tricky job!  Tooth Bear-y lets your child experience the excitement and wonder of the Tooth Fairy’s visit without you worrying about being caught in the act.