The Tooth Fairy may cost more than you remember, but Tooth Bear-y ships FREE!

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Below is a transcript of the interview recorded by ABC News, "Small business owner gives update on company growth" Robin Roberts (00:03):We're back now on GMA. We recently introduced you to the story of Tooth Bear-Y a teddy bear, who was the tooth fairys helper created by Liz Carroll, who also happens to be my neighbor, you know, like so many small business owners, she needed some help to boost business. So we brought in a PR expert to help, here is what happened over the last two months. It's tooth fairys, sidekick.Liz Carroll (00:40):This Teddy bear fixes fears that kids and grownups have around losing teeth and waking a child, but also allows the bear to keep the teeth in its...

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From left to right: Liz Carroll with husband Robert and sons Noble (10) and Wyatt (13). Below is the article posted on FARMINGTON, CT — A Farmington woman's line of teddy bears that promise a "magical twist" on the Tooth Fairy tradition was the subject of a Good Morning America segment this week. Liz Carroll of Farmington created the "Tooth Bear-y," a teddy bear where children can put their baby teeth after they fall out. (When a kid places their tooth in the bear's mouth, it falls through a plastic tube into the stuffed animal's heart, and is stored there.) "As the Tooth Fairy's side-kick, they work together to celebrate the loss of teeth," Carroll told Patch in an email....

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Good Morning America

Featured on Good Morning America (GMA)   Below is a transcript of the interview recorded by Good Morning America Robin Roberts (00:00):And here we have first time entrepreneurs, they run into roadblocks as they try to expand their businesses. I recently learned that my own neighbor has turned her garage into a storage warehouse. As she works to sell a Teddy bear. She calls tooth bear-y. It is meant to be the tooth fairys helper. So we decided to reach out to a PR expert to help her with strategies for success.Liz Carroll (00:23):Well, he lost his tooth today. He's seven and he lost it in school.Robin Roberts (00:27):It's an idea inspired by a mom seeking a better solution.Liz Carroll...

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